Incident Report

This form collects information on incidents of sexual assault, sexual harassment, discriminatory harassment, or stalking related to the ICAPS conference. This includes in-person or virtual ICAPS events, events during ICAPS dates at or near an ICAPS venue (e.g., dinner after sessions end), and ICAPS reviewing cycles. If the incident(s) you wish to report occurred outside of these situations, including during research activities intended for eventual ICAPS publication, you must consult with the appropriate institution for the proper reporting mechanism. Data compiled from this form are used to inform the ICAPS Executive Council and ICAPS Community about the ICAPS climate; we will make our best efforts to maintain anonymity in all reports.

Please see the current ICAPS Code of Conduct at Incidents of concern not in violation of the Code of Conduct can still be reported.

If you would like to report privately or speak privately about an incident during the conference, please contact the current ICAPS Diversity and Inclusion chair, Shirin Sohrabi (, either by email or other means.

The information reported using this form is accessible to the ICAPS Inclusion Chair (currently Shirin Sohrabi). Others may obtain access to this information under the following circumstances:

  • There is an apparent ongoing risk to personal safety requiring intervention by local authorities
  • Law enforcement officials request this information
  • Local laws have been violated that require a report to authorities
  • Legal concerns arise which require consultation or reporting to other individuals (e.g., legal professionals, participants in legal proceedings)

The ICAPS Inclusion Chair will otherwise do all in their power to maintain your privacy.

You will have the opportunity to add contact information if you wish a follow-up from the ICAPS Inclusion Chair. If you do not provide this information, we cannot follow-up. You must report incidents directly to the ICAPS Inclusion Chair or in this form before any actions regarding an incident can occur.

Answers to questions are optional unless otherwise marked.

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    The following questions ask about the incident(s). Please leave answers blank if you do not know, prefer not to answer, or the question does not apply to the incident. We understand that the victim/survivor and perpetrator information may involve allegations (e.g., if you are reporting as an non-witness, external third-party). Please answer to the best of your ability. You will have an opportunity to explain at the end of this form.